Builder Board Project Edition 2X

Haydn® Builder Board™ Project Edition is now available in twice the length with Builder Board Project Edition 2X with Liquid Shield. Made twice the length for the trade, 0.889m x 30.48m roll with liquid shield, it is more durable than any other board in its class. Builder Board™ Project Edition 2X hugs surfaces like never before and comes ready to work in a lighter roll. Jobsite protection has never been simpler as Project Edition 2X guards against water, paint, mud, is 100% recyclable.

Ideal for

  • Protecting surfaces against water, paint, mud and more


      • Lighter version of traditional Builder Board™
      • Trade Length - Twice the length of Builder Board™ Project Edition
      • 0.889m x 30.48m roll with Liquid Shield
      • Durable for the toughest projects—Approx. 22mil
      • Allows vapours to escape for maximum breathability
      • Nearly 3x thicker than rosin papers
      • Reusable