DAP® SMARTBOND Landscape Construction Adhesive Grey 355ml

AP SMARTBOND LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE is a dynamic polyurethane adhesive foaming gel that is faster and easier to use than traditional adhesives. Jobs become more efficient as a single can of SMARTBOND provides 8X the coverage of cartridge adhesives, meaning you can do more with less. The unique technology applies as a foam and transforms by collapsing into a high-strength, fast-curing adhesive gel. Provides increased ease-of-use and speed for laying block work.

Use for the permanent, structural installation of retaining walls, garden walls and water feature perimeters. Can be applied in wet, cold and freezing conditions. Suitable for interior and exterior application.

IDEAL FOR USE ON A RANGE OF SUBSTRATES INCLUDING: Landscape, blocks & brick, concrete, natural & synthetic stone, hardscape materials, wood & treated wood.


  • 8X more coverage than standard cartridge adhesives.
  • Bridges Gaps and voids.
  • 25% faster to apply – less gunning, less change out, less fatigue.
  • Unique foam collapses to form a high strength adhesive gel.
  • Polyurethane formula provides strong, durable and permanent bond.
  • Exceeds ASTM C557 Specification

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