DAP SmartBond Cleaner

DAP SMARTBOND CLEANER is a pressurized cleaning solvent for use to dissolve and remove uncured construction adhesive from inside and outside of the Applicator Gun. It comes with a special adapter that attached to the Applicator Gun to allow for easy cleaning. The detachable manual spray nozzle can be used to clean up spills and other areas of unwanted uncured adhesive. CLEANS UNCURED CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE FROM: Inside the Applicator Gun, Outside of the Gun, Surfaces and other areas of spills or uncured adhesive. 


  • Dissolves and removes uncured adhesive for fast an easy clean up.
  • Cleans residual adhesive from inside of the Applicator Gun or other areas of spills or unwanted uncured adhesive.
  • Extends working life of the Applicator Gun.
  • Comes with 2 cleaning attachments

MSDS Product Sheet