PROMO 1062

We have put together the best deal yet including some of our latest products as well as established favourites to finish the year with a bang! 

Your Christmas Bargain Box Includes:

  • 2x HAYDN Industrial Fan with 2 Extractor Tube Attachments
  • 6 x HAYDN Electrical Leads 10m, 20m & 30m Range
  • 12x Dy-Mark PROTECH Multipurpose Lubricant 400g
  • 12x Dy-Mark PROTECH Brakes and Parts Cleaner (Chlorinated)
  • 12x Dy-Mark PROTECH Heavy Duty Degreaser
  • 6 x Handy Pro Pail and12x Liner 4 Packs
  • 8 x HAYDN Blue Painters Tape 36mm  4 Pack
  • 4 x HAYDN Pro Grade Multipurpose Masking Tape36mm  6 Pack
  • 62 x Brush Baggies ( a collection of items from the full range
  • incl. Roller Sleeve Covers, Paint Brush Covers, Tray Covers and Brush Beanies)
  • 10 x Skinnies Conquer SPF50 100ml Sunscreen
  • 12 x HAYDN T-Shirts in Black & White (size range S-2XL)
  • 5 x HAYDN Trucker Caps
  • 5 x HAYDN Bucket Hats
  • 4 x HAYDN Rugby Balls
  • 4 x HAYDN Soccer Balls