Am I using the correct masking tape for my project?

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When we go to our local trade store and walk through the tapes section, we face the tough decision to choose the right one that will give us the most smooth and crisp finish or a complete mess and extra work as it doesn’t meet our expectations. We are here to show you the different masking tapes HAYDN provides for your next project!

Low tack

It is usually known as a delicate tape. It is used mainly in areas that require extra care, such as fresh paint over walls, painted drywall, wallpaper, wood floors, and more. Most of them can be left on for up to 60 days without leaving residue behind. 

 Medium tack

It is one of the most versatile masking tapes. It is used in areas that don’t require much care. It can be left on for up to 14 days, but it differs from the materials they are making of. Some great examples are listed below.

  • The Haydn® Sabre tape range is a premium painter’s tape that is used on multiple surfaces such as glass, unfinished wood, metal, and fully cured paint. You can count on this tape for super sharp edges with no bleed. Thanks to its UV resistance and waterproof qualities, it can be used on both, interior and exterior surfaces. The tape can also be easily removed up to 30 days after application without leaving adhesive residue.

  • Haydn® Blue painter’s tape is the best interior tape for professionals and DIY'ers looking for clean edges and excellent results. The SmartSKIN™ technology, combined with the thin crepe paper, prevents paint bleeding, and leaves no residue for up to 14 days. The solvent-free adhesive is excellent for multiple surfaces, including lacquered or varnished woodwork, glass, plastic, metal doorknobs, window frames, and more. Available in 24mm, 36mm widths, and a 36mm 4 pack.

  • Haydn® Washi interior tapeis an ultra-premium tape that performs phenomenally on interior surfaces. Made with rice paper, the super thin backing blocks paint bleeds, helping to create razor-sharp paint lines, giving a professional edging like no other painter’s tape. It is ideal for lacquers, walls, trim, wood floors, cabinets, and boats. It is a free residue within 60 days from application.


  • 3M scotch blue painter’s tape delivers sharp paint lines and removes cleanly for up to 14 days and does not cause surface damage, even when exposed to direct sunlight. It is designed for interior and exterior surfaces, such as painting walls, wood, curved or uneven surfaces, glass and metal.

  • Surface Shields Painter’s grade blue tape is a multi-surface tape that won't leave a residue on wood floors, baseboards, drywall, or other surfaces up to 14 days after application. This blue painter's tape is made with extra heavy-duty paper and is designed to withstand UV exposure from both direct and indirect sunlight.

  • Haydn® Cloth tape boasts remarkable adhesion capabilities in extreme temperatures. It is formulated for use on rough surfaces and can be easily torn or wound without leaving any residue. This tape is crafted with an LDPE-coated cloth backing and high-quality pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive to make it UV-resistant for up to four weeks. Choose from 24mm, 36mm, and 48mm widths.

High tack

If you are working on rough and textured surfaces where other masking tape can’t stick on easily, the high-tack masking tapes are the right go-to. For its high adhesion, these tapes can be left on for up to 7 days without leaving residues behind.

  • Blue Dolphin Stucco Tape is a professional grade, high adhesion tape that is great for stucco and other rough surfaces. This masking tape makes it easier and faster to get through tough jobs, as the P.E. backing provides a strong hold yet is still easy to tear. Ideal for outdoor use, the tape is performance-engineered for 7-day residue-free removal, and UV and weather resistance.

Tapes for seaming board protection floor

When it is about floor protection, you must be mindful of which tape you are going to use to seam floor protection boards, and which one you use to secure them in place.

  • Builder Board™ Tapepairs with the Liquid Shield Technology to provide perfect sealing. This strong and flexible tape has a high-tack adhesive for the long term. Its features include a proprietary release agent for quick application, extra heavy paper to prevent tearing, 14-day UV protection, residue-free, natural rubber adhesives that guard against moisture, and deep heavy resin saturation to withstand temperature and wear.

  • Ram Board® Seam Tape is a contractor-grade, high-tack adhesive seam sealing tape, perfect for joining surface protection together. The 72mm width aids in blocking out liquid, dust, and debris, and the kraft paper backing makes it easy to tear off and install. Designed to be extremely durable and 100% recyclable. Should not be taped directly to the floor.

  • Ram Board® Edge Tape™ provides easy release from floors, yet it’s tough enough to hold Ram Board® edges securely in place. Edge Tape™ is engineering designed to secure the edges of Ram Board® directly to the floor without damaging your flooring surfaces, walls, and stairs. Durable and tough, yet low tack for easy release for up to 14 days.

Remember, to avoid a sticky situation, have in mind the following tips:

  1. Choose the correct tackiness for your project. Remove the tape in time. Not all the types can leave them on for a long period of time. If your project is taking longer, replace the masking tape.
  2. If it is an outdoor project, check if your masking tape is UV-resistant.
  3. Do not use random tapes to secure your ram board protection to the floor, you may regret it later.

If you have further questions, message us, or check with your local trader. Have a good DIY project day!