About 50 years ago, Trevor Haydon started his company by hand-making artist brushes with natural bristles and wooden handles. Nowadays, Haydn offers more than just painting brushes, but that’s another story to tell. Today, we would like to share the ample range of Haydn Artist Brushes, discussing the different shapes, sizes, and bristles, to give you an idea of what to look for and help you choose the right artist paintbrush for your next masterpiece!

These days, it is popular to take old and obsolete items and give them a new, fresh look with different purposes. It could be a decorative piece or functional furniture with a vintage touch given by chalk paint, one of the most preferred matte paints for upcycling. Most of us wonder if a random paintbrush may work with chalk paint. To help you choose the right paint brush for Chalk Paint, we have put together a few tips to consider.

When you opt for a manual sanding tool, you may consider the type of job you will be doing and the grit of the sandpaper. Using too coarse paper on a smooth surface will create scratches while using too fine paper on a first coat of plastering will prolong the job. Let's dive in and find the ideal Haydn tool for your next DIY project!

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