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Discover the joy of getting ready for the compound in less time, remove the old paint and wallpaper in a breeze or keep the area at the right temperature and with no moisture to achieve a professional finish with these 5 Haydn Power tools.

Power Mixers

Preparing dense and sticky substances like cement, compounds, concrete, plaster, tile adhesives, and more can be a challenging task. But you can make it effortless with Haydn® Power Mixer 1600W. This powerful electric tool can help you get ready for your project in no time. It comes with a dual gear range selector that allows for operation at 250-500 revolutions per minute or 400-800 revolutions per minute. Additionally, it features a heavy-duty 140mm diameter two-piece mixing paddle and a variable speed control wheel, located conveniently for easy operation.

 For larger projects, the Haydn® Dual Head Power Mixer 1800W is perfect. It has a paddle thread connection, a safety switch, and a rubber grip handle for comfort. The mixer also features variable speed control and two-speed switching, making your mixing job a breeze. So, whether it's a small or large project, Haydn® Power Mixers are the perfect tools that you can rely on for effortless mixing.

Heat Gun

Haydn® Heat Gun can make your job a lot easier. This amazing tool can help with removing old paint and wallpaper with ease. Additionally, it can be used for plastic forming and welding, heat-shrink tubing warming, soldering, tinning, adhesive joint loosening, and defrosting water lines. It comes with an angled, wide jet, reflector, and reduction nozzle accessories, as well as a heat protection collar, and an on/off switch with two-stage selectors for 350- or 550-degree Celsius output.

90L Industrial Dehumidifier

Tackle the moisture in large jobs with Haydn® 90L Industrial Dehumidifier. With its 90-litre capacity, it is ideal for addressing paint drying issues, timber drying and water-damaged carpets in areas up to 155m2. It features a durable rotomolded construction and a convenient drainpipe with a pump for easy maintenance. The unit is stackable, mobile on easy-roll wheels, and it comes with an LCD control box, hour counter, and auto ON/OFF humidistat control for user convenience.

Industrial Heater

If your renovation projects can't wait until winter is over, or if the area you need to renovate doesn't have the proper temperature for your painting and plastering materials, the Haydn® Industrial Heater 2000W is the perfect solution. It features an ergonomic and portable design, with a fan motor and self-resetting thermoset that regulates the heating element and air outlets. The thermoset ensures that the heater will switch off automatically when the target temperature is achieved, ensuring optimal safety and sturdiness. Additionally, the Haydn® Industrial Heater 2000W comes with a 1-year electrical warranty for your peace of mind.

Industrial Fan

The Haydn® 300mm Industrial Fan has been specifically manufactured to assist with ventilation in confined spaces. Rated for the extraction of smoke and dust, the Haydn® Industrial Fan is a safe and efficient product with automatic overheating shut-off. Also providing durability and stability with the shockproof rubber feet and the metal-free blade help reduce maintenance. Pair with the 5 and 10-metre flexible tubes to ensure you keep your workplace free of dust and smoke. Comes with Haydn’s 1-year Electrical warranty.


Electrical Leads

The Haydn® Heavy Duty Electrical Leads are an optimal addition to any workplace. Ranging from 10 meters to 30 meters, these leads could prove indispensable for any toolbox. Heavy Duty 10 AMP 250V Clear plug offers security.

Industrial Fan Tubes

Keep your worksite free of dust and smoke with the Haydn® Industrial Fan Ducting. For use with the Haydn® 300mm Industrial Fan, the tubing connects quickly and easily with the metal clip fastenings. The strong, flexible ducting can also be connected to the front of the fan unit for exhausting applications. Available in 5 and 10-metre options.

Level up your DIY projects with Haydn® power tools!