Haydn Heat Gun

The Haydn® 2000W Heat Gun is ideal for the forming and welding of plastic, removal of paint and the warming of heat-shrinkable tubing. It is also suitable for soldering and tinning, loosening of adhesive joints and the defrosting of water lines.

Ideal for:

  • Increasing temperature on surfaces


  • On/off switch with two stage selector for 350 or 550 degrees Celsius output
  • Stage I operates at 300l/min
  • Stage II operates at 500l/min
  • Standing surface so heat gun can be safely placed down while nozzle cools
  • Rubber wrapped handle
  • Heat protection collar
  • Thermal protection auto shut-off
  • Angle nozzle accessory
  • Wide jet nozzle accessory
  • Reflector nozzle accessory
  • Reduction nozzle accessory