Protech Chain Lubricant - Aerosol 300g

The Dy-Mark PROTECH® Chain Lubricant Aerosol is an ideal multi-purpose chain lubricant. The heavy duty product will resist high speed fling off, while also providing great anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance. Able to work under the most extreme operating conditions, it’s perfect for helping with your industrial maintenance. Ideal for use on chains, cycle chains, pulleys, hoists, farm equipment and much more. It also incorporates a patented 2-way actuator with locking tabs.

For best results

  • Shake can for at least 45 seconds
  • Spray light even film, in an upright position only

Ideal for

  • Chain lubrication and resisting high speed fling off


  • Heavy duty, multi-purpose
  • Great anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance
  • Can work in extreme temperatures of -10°C to +155°C
  • Patented 2-way actuator with locking tabs
  • Extension tube for hard to reach areas
  • Dy-Mark PROTECH® Chain Lubricant Aerosol TDS