Protech Multi-Purpose Lubricant

The Dy-Mark PROTECH® Multi-Purpose Lubricant is ideal for improving your industrial maintenance and getting hundreds of jobs done around the home, garage or garden. The high-performance multi-use product is designed to lubricate, penetrate, protect and displace moisture. Ideal for restoring working parts, stopping squeaks and tackling rust and corrosion. Working on the likes of nuts, bolts, bikes, hinges, tools, distributors, spark plugs and much more. It incorporates a patented 2-way actuator with locking tabs and a 360° valve that is perfect for upright inverted applications.

For best results

  • Spray liberal coating directly to saturate surface
  • Spray light even coat to seal out moisture and protect surface

Ideal for

  • Lubricating to restore working parts and stopping squeaks
  • Penetrating fast to breakaway rust and corrosion
  • Protecting against rust and corrosion
  • Displacing moisture with a micro thin continuous film


  • 360° valve that is perfect for upright inverted applications
  • Patented 2-way actuator with locking tabs
  • Extension tube for hard to reach areas
  • Silicone free formula
  • Available in 60g and 400g
  • Dy-Mark Protech Multi-Purpose Lubricant TDS