Haydn Protective Hard Surface Film

Haydn® Protective Hard Surface Film is a durable and non-slip film that effectively protects hard surfaces from slips, falls, and damage. This specially engineered film comes in a convenient roll format with dimensions measuring 46 metres in length and 710 millimetres in width, ensuring ample coverage for various surfaces. With a thickness of 160UM, it provides a substantial barrier against scratches, chips, and other forms of wear resulting from everyday use.

It also features a light tack on the underside, that effectively minimises slip and movement, enhancing stability when applied to hard floors, staircases, benchtops, and other high-traffic areas. The film not only creates a non-slip surface, providing superior grip and traction to prevent accidents, but it also acts as a shield against potential damage. Whether utilised in homes, offices or public spaces, Haydn® Protective Hard Surface Film offers a durable and versatile solution for maintaining the integrity of hard surfaces.

Ideal for

  • Protecting hard surfaces from slips, falls and damage


  • Non-woven synthetic fabric film
  • A light tack on the underside that effectively minimises slip and movement
  • Temporary protection
  • Reverse rolled for quick & easy application
  • For use on hard floors, stairs, benchtops and hard surfaces
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • 46m long x 710mm wide
  • 160UM