Haydn Dehumidifier 90L with Uplift Pump

The Haydn® 90 Litre Dehumidifier is designed for professional painters or any commercial application where it would be beneficial to remove excess moisture from the air. It can remove up to 90 litres of moisture per day! Perfect for any job helping to speed up the drying process such as paint and plaster drying, drying timber or curing concrete.

Ideal for

  • Removing moisture from a job site
  • Aid in drying paint, plaster, timber, concrete etc


  • Removes up to 90 litres of moisture per day
  • Designed for professional tradesman
  • Sturdy powder coated steel casing
  • Mobile unit on easy roll wheels
  • Digital controls for timer and humidity target settings
  • Drainage water pipe for continuous moisture drainage
  • Air Flow: 1000m3/hour
  • Dimensions: W 645mm x D 510mm x H 890mm
  • Power: 1200W, 220V
  • Noise Level: 56 dBa
  • Weight: 48kg