3000 Series Paint Brush

The Haydn® 3000 Series paint brush collection is crafted with synthetic bristle for use on a variety of surfaces. It comes in three sizes suited to both interior and exterior projects, with the 50mm ideal for small tasks, such as cutting in around frames and doors, and the 63mm and 75mm suitable for medium to large areas, like walls and decks. This brush is designed with a naked wooden beaver tail handle and stainless steel flat ferrule, providing revolutionary synthetic filament performance.

Ideal for

  • Exterior and interior use
  • All paint types
  • Size 50mm for use on medium areas, fine tool work, cutting in around windows, frames, cupboards, drawers, doors and more.
  • Sizes 63mm and 75mm for use on medium to large areas, walls, eaves, decks, fences and more.


  • Naked wooden beaver tail handle
  • Revolutionary synthetic filament
  • Stainless steel flat ferrule