Blue Painter's Tape

The Haydn® Blue Dolphin Blue Painters Tape is the best interior tape for professionals and DIY'ers looking for clean edges and excellent results. Our medium tack SmartSKIN™ technology combined with the thin crepe paper, prevents paint bleeding and leaves no residue for up to 14 days. The solvent-free adhesive is excellent for use on multiple surfaces, including lacquered or varnished woodwork, glass, plastic, metal doorknobs, window frames and more. Available in 24mm and 36mm widths as well as a 36mm 4 pack.


  • SmartSKIN™ technology
  • EasyTEAR™
  • Clean, crisp paint lines
  • Quality crepe paper
  • 14-day clean removal
  • Multi-surface
  • UV resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Available in 24mm, 36mm and a 36mm 4 pack