Dap BLUE STIK Reusable Adhesive Putty 28g

DAP BLUE STIK is a reusable, removable adhesive putty that replaces tape, tacks, stables and magnets. It is ideal for a wide variety of uses at home, school and office. It can be used time and time again and won’t dry out – no more chipped, peeled paint or holes in the walls. DAP BLUE STIK will bond just about anything to slick or hard surfaces such as wood, tile, glass, concrete, porcelain, formica, metal and painted surfaces. Also helps protect items from vibration damage.

DAP BLUE STIK is ideal for all types of hobby and craft, school office and home uses including: Levelling picture hanging frames, Securing collectibles, Keeping cords and cables in place, Holding needles, Holds hooks and fishing lures.

Ideal for

  • Hanging posters, photos and drawings
  • All types of hobbies and craft