BrushBeany Bucket Cover 300mm

BrushBaggy™ Bucket Beany (AKA BrushBeany) keeps your tools and paint fresh in many different containers, pails, buckets, and trays. Just snap BrushBeany over the top and the elastic band holds tight against the side wall of your container allowing tools to protrude from the top. Keeps paint fresh for weeks.

Ideal for

  • Saving on time in prep and cleanup


  • Stretches to fit 300mm diameter
  • Works with pails, buckets and trays
  • Elastic covers containers where lids won't work
  • Seals all kinds of containers to keep paint and tools fresh
  • Keeps paint fresh for weeks
  • Reusable
  • Available in small and large project packs (2Pk & 5Pk)