Surface Shields


Builder Board™ Tape

Builder Board™ Tape pairs with the Liquid Shield Technology to provide perfect sealing. This tape has a high-tack adhesive for long-term seaming, and is both strong and flexible. Its features include a proprietary release agent for quick application, extra heavy paper to prevent tearing, 14-day UV protection, residue-free, natural rubber adhesives that guard against moisture, and deep heavy resin saturation to withstand temperature and wear.

Ideal for

  • Seaming together floor protection boards


  • Proprietary release agent insures quick and easy application
  • Extra heavy paper resists accidental tearing
  • 14 day UV protection
  • High tack / residue free
  • Natural rubber adhesive resists moisture and provides stronger adhesion levels when compared to synthetic
  • Deep heavy resin saturation resists temperature and wear

Should not be used to adhere floor protection boards directly to the floor.