Caution Sign

The Haydn® Caution Signs are an important addition to any job site. Each sign is printed on both sides and can quickly fold down for easy transportation between work areas.

  • The Wet Paint Caution Sign (PAPCS) indicates where recently painted walls, floors, furniture, doors, stairs or fences are.
  • The Caution Cleaning in Progress Sign (PAPCCP) is great to indicate and protect areas being cleaned or areas that have been recently cleaned.
  • The Wet Floor Caution Sign (PAPCT) indicates where slippery surfaces can be, signalling to others to potentially avoid or be careful in this area.

Ideal for

  • Warning people of various and potentially hazardous situations


  • Folds down for easy storage and moving between work areas
  • High visibility yellow colour
  • Heavy-duty A-frame construction
  • Double-sided signage