Caution Sign Wet Paint

The Haydn® Caution Signs are an important addition to any job site.
The Wet Paint Caution Sign (PAPCS) can be used to indicate to others where there are recently painted walls, floors, furniture, doors, stairs or fences.
The Caution Cleaning in Progress Sign (PAPCCP) is great to be set up at the end of the work day to protect recently cleaned areas as well as areas still being cleaned.
The Wet Floor Caution Sign (PAPCT) will indicate slippery surfaces to others.
Each sign is printed on both sides and is quick to fold down for easy transportation between work areas.

Ideal for:

  • Warning people of freshly painted areas, wet floors and cleaning in progress situations


  • Folds down for easy storage and moving between work areas
  • High Visibility Yellow colour
  • Heavy-duty A-frame construction
  • Double-sided caution sign