DIY Polyester 32mm Rough Roller Sleeve

The Haydn® Rough Polyester Roller Sleeve range is best suited for use on rough plaster, brick work, stucco, trellis, and block work with water or oil-based paints. They also feature a 32mm nap and are suitable for any and all jobs, as sizes range from 75mm to 360mm in length.

Look for the dark blue ‘E’ on the packaging to identify this range.

Ideal for

  • Use on rough plaster, brick work, stucco, trellis and block work.
  • Water and oil-based paints


  • 32mm nap
  • Polyester
  • Part of the Haydn DIY® range
  • Available in sizes 75mm, 180mm, 230mm, 270mm and 360mm
  • Available as a single sleeve
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