Handy Paint Tray

The Handy Paint Tray® is an innovative painting tool designed to make things easier. From the professional to the DIY painter, it has features that everyone can enjoy. With its deep well design, it can easily hold up to 3.78L (1-gallon) of paint at a time, cutting down on refills. It has an in-built 230mm (9-inch) wide roll-off area and a convenient magnetic brush holder to ensure your brush won’t get lost or fall into the paint. Made from a high-quality, solvent-resistant material, it is easy to clean and can be used with any paint or stain on the market. It has two sturdy handles, located at each end of the tray, to make transportation easy and mess-free. And to top it all off, it features a wide, stable base as well as two corner spouts, which make pouring excess paint back into the can that much easier. Liners can be used for quick colour changes or to remove the hassle of clean-up.

Ideal for

  • Roller sleeves up to 230mm (9”) in length
  • Use with the HANDy® Paint Tray Liners (BER7510)
  • Use with all paints and stains


  • Deep well, holds up to 3.78L (1-gallon) of paint
  • Built-in 230mm (9”) wide roll off area
  • Magnetic brush holder
  • Made from a durable, solvent-resistant material
  • Easy to clean and made to last
  • Corner pour spout
  • Sturdy handles on both ends for easy transport
  • Wide and stable base
  • Liners available


  • 115mm H x 395mm W x 275mm D (4.5" H x 5.5” W x 10 ¾” D)