Heavy Duty Professional Snap Knife

The Heavy Duty Professional Snap Knife features a metal and plastic casing for enhanced strength and durability. Its snap off blade ensures a continuously sharp cutting edge, while its safety lock guarantees secure usage and storage. Compact and lightweight, this heavy-duty tool is perfect for a variety of tasks - from Lino, flooring, and gib board cutting to arts and crafts projects. It also comes in two sizes: Small, equipped with a super sharp 9mm snap off blade, and Large, boasting an 18mm general purpose snap blade. Plus, a convenient safety lock blade and comfort grip ensure effortless use.

Ideal for

  • Wide range of projects
  • Lino, flooring, gib board cutting, warehouse, factory, arts and crafts
  • Snap off blade
  • Safety lock blade
  • Comfort grip
  • Compact and lightweight

Available in two sizes

  • Small : Super sharp 9mm snap off blade
  • Large: 18mm general purpose snap blade