Sherlock® Mini Pro™ Roller Frame

The Wooster® Sherlock® Mini Pro™ Roller Frame is the perfect tool for all those small, hard-to-reach jobs. It has a solvent-resistant plastic cage that spins smoothly and doesn’t drag. The roller locks onto the cage and can be removed with a fast and firm tap for a "hands-free" removal. It has a 6mm chrome-plated shank fixed at a 90-degree angle for better control. This sits on top of a comfortable handle made from polypropylene. Which has a reinforced threaded end that attaches to standard extension poles. It is also Sherlock GT® compatible.

Ideal for

  • Use with any suitable size mini roller sleeve, including the 115mm and 165mm (4 ½” and 6 ½”) Jumbo-Koter rollers.


  • Smooth spinning roller cage
  • Made from a solvent-resistant plastic
  • Rollers lock onto the cage to ensure they won't slip off
  • "Hands-free" one-tap removal
  • Chrome-plated 6mm (¼”) shank fixed at a 90° angle
  • Polypropylene handle with reinforced threaded end, compatible with Sherlock GT®