Jumbo Koter Pro Dooz 2 Pack - 10mm Nap

Shed-resistant for the smoothest professional finish with all paints, enamels, primers, and adhesives.

High-density white fabric with a golden pinstripe, exclusively from Wooster, stays resilient, resists matting.

Open, 3/4 in (18mm). core makes cleaning easy and refills cost less.

Use with any of the Jumbo-Koter cage frames.

Professional painters seeking Flawless applications have reached for Pro/Doo-Z roller covers for over 20 years.

Dense, high-capacity Pro/Doo-Z fabric has interlocked fibers to prevent shedding for smoother finishes.

These woven covers provide excellent results with all paints—from latex flats to high gloss epoxies and everything in between.

Wooster-exclusive Pro/Doo-Z fabric resists matting and stays resilient through a full day of use.