Jumbo Koter Red Feather 115mm 2 Pack - 6mm Nap

The Wooster® Jumbo-Koter® Red Feather™ roller sleeves are made from a red, shed-resistant velour which produces a smooth, no stipple finish. They are best used on smooth surfaces with all enamels, urethanes, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss paints. They feature a closed-end, which saves time when painting corners.

Ideal for

  • Smooth surfaces such as doors, cabinets and metal
  • All eggshell, semi-gloss & gloss paints, enamels and urethanes
  • Use with any Jumbo-Koter® roller frame


  • 6mm nap
  • Red, shed-resistant
  • Smooth, no stipple finish
  • Closed end, saves time when painting corners
  • Open, ¾” core for easy cleaning
  • 2 sleeves per pack