Jumbo Koter Roller Sleeve 2 Pack - Mohair 6mm Nap

The Wooster® Jumbo-Koter® Mohair Blend™ roller sleeves are made from a white, shed-resistant fabric, which are constructed using a combination of non-matting polyester and natural mohair.  They are best used with protective coatings such as enamels, varnishes, urethanes and epoxies, producing an ultra-smooth finish.  They are available in 115mm and 165mm sleeves, the 115mm features a closed-end, which saves time when painting corners.  

Ideal for

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Enamels, varnishes, urethanes, epoxies and floor coatings
  • Use with any Jumbo-Koter® roller frame


  • 6mm nap
  • Mohair and polyester blend
  • Woven, shed-resistant fabric
  • 115mm has a closed-end, saves time when painting corners
  • Open, ¾” core for easy cleaning
  • Available in sizes 115mm and 165mm
  • 2 sleeves per pack