Micro Plush Roller Sleeve - 8mm Nap

The Wooster® Micro Plush™ roller sleeves are made of a professional white microfibre fabric that produces a smooth, even finish with no stipple. The tiny fibres perform well with paints and enamels, including challenging low-VOC, fast-drying, and deep-colour applications. In fact, because Micro Plush™ is capable of achieving spray-like results, these rollers are also a popular choice for applying varnishes to surfaces such as cabinets and doors.

Ideal for

  • Smooth surfaces such as walls and ceilings, GIB board, smooth wallpaper, plaster, and metal
  • Finishing work such as doors, cabinets, ceilings and walls
  • All paints and enamels


  • 8mm nap
  • Microfibre, shed-resistant fabric
  • Spray-like results
  • Smoothest finish in high sheens
  • Double-thick polypropylene core resists water, solvents, and cracking
  • Available in sizes 115mm, 165mm, 230mm and 355mm
  • Available as a single sleeve, or two-sleeve pack for 115mm and 165mm