MiracleWipes Heavy Duty 90 pack

When it comes to keeping your job site, garage, or house clean you need a wet wipe that is tough enough to withstand a good scrub. MiracleWipes® for Heavy Duty was created with strong, resilient fabric and a non-toxic formula to help you get a deeper clean with less effort. No matter what surface, tool or appliance needs to be cleaned MiracleWipes® for Heavy Duty were designed with the professional jobsite in mind.
Powerful and safe on hands, MiracleWipes® uses a blend of coconut oil extracts, organic compounds and other proprietary ingredients to clean-up the toughest messes thanks to the dual textured meltblown design. This texture removes the contaminant into the wipe and away from the outer layer, reducing smears and speeding clean-up.
MiracleWipes® Heavy Duty are perfect for DIY and professional job sites, they are quick and convenient clean up for hands, surfaces and tools. MiracleWipes® can be used on everything from car parts to kitchen appliances. Try MiracleWipes® Heavy Duty today and save time on your cleanup!

Ideal for:

  • Great on all surfaces, tools, and appliances.
  • Designed for the professional job site.


  • Heavy Duty Wipes
  • 90 pack
  • Paint preparation wipe
  • Absorb & Lock design
  • Surface and skin safe
  • Natural citrus scent
  • Wipe size: 304.8mm x 152.4mm (each)
  • Made in the USA