Miracle Wipes for Paint 90Pk

Painting can be tedious and time consuming to clean up after completing a project. Miracle Brands provides a practical solution with their paint wipe, which serves as a surface prep solution for walls, baseboards, cabinets, and much more. Miracle Wipes® is powerful yet gentle on hands, thanks to its proprietary blend of coconut oil extracts, organic compounds, and other ingredients, plus a dual textured meltblown design which captures contaminants in the wipe, instead of the outer layer.

DIYers and professional painters alike can benefit from the fast and convenient clean-up that Miracle Wipes® offers. It easily removes oil-based paints, latex paints, caulking, epoxy, colorant, and more. Start saving time on prep and cleaning up with Miracle Wipes® for Paint today!

Ideal for

  • Oil-based paints, Latex paint, Adhesives, Caulking, Epoxies, Resins, Urethanes, Scuffmarks, Inks and Glues
  • Hands, tools, metal, glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, stone, cement, leather, wood, carpet, wicker, decks, fences and more


  • Contains coconut oil extracts, organic compounds, and other
  • Dual textured meltblown design