Multi Surface Film

The Haydn® Multi Surface Protection Film provides reliable protection for a wide variety of surfaces, including tile, marble, granite, vinyl and hardwood. It is not only great for floor protection but it can be used to prevent damage to most counter tops, tubs, sinks, doors and more. Its self-adhering design makes it easy to apply and remove, making it ideal for protecting surfaces during painting, remodelling and model home tours. It is a true multipurpose product!

Ideal for

  • Multi Surfaces
  • Shielding work from dirt, moisture and liquids


  • Self-adhering film for hard surfaces
  • Shield floors from dirt and moisture
  • Protects tile, marble, granite, vinyl, laminates and factory hardwood
  • Can also prevent damage to tubs and counters
  • Reduces clean ups and damage claims
  • Available in 270mm x 30m, 500mm x 30m and 1m x 3m