Paint Brush Cover 75mm - 100mm

BrushBaggy™ Paint Brush Covers are simple and effective, catering for a range of brush sizes. Paint will stay out of the can fresh for 2 weeks or more. Start and stop your projects at a moment's notice with no need to worry about cleaning or paint drying out. Simply Slip, Zip, and Rip! What could be easier? After you have used these little baggies you begin to have a different relationship with painting and suddenly projects don't seem so daunting.

Ideal for

  • Keeping your paint brush fresh
  • Saving on time in prep and cleanup


  • Fits 75mm-100mm paint brushes
  • Hole in bottom of bag stretches and seals brush handle
  • Zip top seals paint brush and keeps wet for weeks
  • Tear-away edge for easy release of brush
  • Available in small and large project packs (5Pk & 25Pk)

Slip, Zip, and Rip design