Paint & Compound Mixer 85mm x 445mm

The Haydn® Paint and Compound Power Mixer 85mm x 445mm is designed for a range of mixing needs, from concrete and mortar to paint, stains and epoxy. The heavy duty steel construction is zinc plated and features a sturdy metal shaft and nylon mixing head, with a speed range of 200-700RPM depending on the material. Fitting standard battery and power drills, it’s powerful yet efficient creating reliable results for all kinds of projects.

Ideal for

  • Mixing concrete and mortar for small projects
  • Mixing paint, stains, epoxy and more


  • Sturdy design
  • Nylon mixing head
  • Heavy duty steel construction is zinc plated
  • Fits standard battery and power drills
  • 85mm powerful mixing head and 445mm length top to bottom