Paint Roller Saver

Provinci Roller Saver is the ideal way to store rollers and keep them fresh for up to 3 months. It is airtight, reusable when needed and has a soft release fit for the roller. Switch from plastic bags and think green! Paint rollers are often expensive and rinsing them often takes up valuable time. Poor preservation can cause dried up, useless rollers that get thrown out during the project, this all can be avoided by using the Provinci Roller Saver. It is made from a durable material which is long lasting and easy to clean allowing you to change colour quickly and easily. Suitable for 230mm rollers.

Ideal for

  • Storing paint rollers during jobs short term
  • Storing clean paint rollers to keep free from dirt and dust long term


  • Keep rollers fresh for a minimum of 3 months
  • Fits 230mm rollers
  • Store with or without handle
  • Keep the workplace and car tidy
  • Wash out dry and wet paint easily
  • Note the colour code and create a simple storage system
  • See the actual colour