Plastic Paint Tray - Black


Haydn® Plastic Paint Trays are crafted in resilient, black polypropylene suitable for water and enamel-based paints. They boast a built-in roll-off area to rid excess paint and spread it smoothly across the sleeve. Three sizes are available; 110mm, 180mm and 230mm. The 110mm holds up to 450ml of paint, is ideal for small tasks and fits roller sleeves of 110mm in length. The 180mm fits sleeves of up to 180mm length with a deep well that can store 1.25L of paint. The 230mm also provides a deep well of 1.25L and a slot to secure the roller frame. Roller sleeves up to 230mm fit this tray.

Ideal for

  • All water and enamel-based paints


  • Made from quality, black polypropylene
  • Built-in roll-off area
  • PA110FTRAY holds 450ml of paint
  • 180TRAY holds 1.25L of paint
  • 230TRAYB holds 1.25L of paint