Premium Roller Cage

The Haydn® Premium Roller Frame is our top of the line frame. It has a strong, smooth-rolling nylon cage. As well as internal bearings that allow the cage to spin smoothly and freely. There is a retaining spring to prevent the roller from slipping off the frame. While also allowing for quick and easy removal of the sleeve with little mess. Simply tap the frame against the side of a bucket to release and remove it. It has a rust-resistant chrome-plated shank. Which sits on top of a polypropylene handle, designed to fit comfortably in the hand when used. At the end of the handle is a universal thread, so that the frame can be attached to extension poles.

Ideal for

  • Use with any suitable size Haydn® Roller Sleeves


  • Premium quality
  • Smooth and free-rolling cage
  • Quick and easy roller sleeve removal with one firm tap
  • 8mm chrome-plated shank
  • Comfortable, polypropylene handle
  • Reinforced, threaded end to fit all standard extension poles
  • Part of the Haydn® Professional range
  • Available in sizes 230mm, 270mm and 360mm