Pro Dooz Roller Sleeve - 10mm Nap

The Wooster® Pro/Doo-Z® roller covers have been a go-to for professional painters seeking a flawless finish, for more than 25 years. The classic Wooster golden pinstripe rollers are still a mainstay of paint store aisles, and, in a sea of reformulated coatings, they remain unchanged. Interlocked fibres in the dense, high-capacity Pro/Doo-Z® fabric prevent shedding and offer smoother finishes. These rollers are suitable for any paint, from latex flats to high-gloss epoxies and everything in between. The Pro/Doo-Z® fabric, which is unique to Wooster, resists matting and maintains its resilience through a full day of use.

Ideal for

  • Semi-smooth surfaces such as imperfect walls and ceilings, textured plaster, embossed wallpaper, paneling, and smooth concrete
  • All paint types including enamels, primers, urethanes and epoxies


  • 10mm nap
  • Woven, shed-resistant fabric
  • High-density fabric is resilient and resists matting, providing a smooth, professional finish
  • Double-thick polypropylene core resists water, solvents, and cracking
  • Distinguished with an identifying golden pinstripe
  • The perfect paint roller since its introduction in 1994
  • Available in sizes 230mm, 270mm, 355mm and 455mm
  • Available as a single sleeves, or a three-sleeve pack for the 230mm