Protective Carpet Film 80 Micron

Haydn® Protective Carpet Film is a self-adhering polyethylene film that includes a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one side for temporary carpet protection. It is non-trip hazard, maintaining secure placement, plus safe to use even in busy public areas. Ideal for safeguarding carpets from heavy foot traffic during home renovations, moving, events, and painting, this 80 micron polyethylene film is both puncture-resistant and simple to peel, leaving no adhesive residue. Plus, its reverse rolling allows for rapid and effortless application.

Ideal for

  • Use on carpet only
  • Temporary protection


  • Trip safe
  • Tough puncture resistant 80 micron polyethylene film
  • Easy peel leaves no adhesive residue
  • Tough puncture resistant polyethylene film
  • Reverse rolled for quick and easy application


 Code Barcode Product Name
PCF270 9414031005131 Haydn Protective Carpet Film 80 micron 270mm x 30m
PCF500 9414031002543 Haydn Protective Carpet Film 80 micron 500mm x 100m
PCF100030 9414031005506 Haydn Protective Carpet Film 80 micron 1m x 30m
PCF1000 9414031002659 Haydn Protective Carpet Film 80 micron 1000mm (1m) x 100m in length.