Roll A Bucket


Roll A Bucket

The Roll A Bucket™ created by a painter, makes painting easy and reduces strain. Why lift a heavy 5-gallon bucket of paint when you can simply roll it? It features 3-inch caster wheels that roll over cords and tarps effortlessly, eliminating the need to pick up the bucket to move it. There is a brake on one of the wheels to prevent the bucket from rolling away when locked.

A paint roller steers the bucket, similar to the way a mop steers a mop bucket. This sits in an elevated trough, separated by a paint grid. The grid is best used with roller sleeves up to 230mm (9-inches) in length. Remove the grid to clean or use it in other suitable-sized paint buckets. Additional paint grids are sold separately.

The Roll A Bucket™ is made from a high-density, solvent-resistant polyethylene can hold up to 22.7L (6-gallons) of paint. However, the recommendation is that 7.6L (2-gallons) of paint be used at a time. It has a built-in pour spout, as well as a carry handle and a handle underneath to ensure mess-free transfer of paint back into the can.

Ideal for

  • Roller sleeves up to 230mm (9”) in length
  • Use with Roll A Bucket™ Paint Grid (ZOR100110)


  • Paint bucket on wheels, reduces physical strain
  • 4x 3-inch caster wheels and 1x wheel brake
  • Trough for paint roller
  • Steer using a paint roller, similar to mop and bucket
  • Sturdy, zinc-plated paint grid
  • Made from a high-density, solvent-resistant polyethylene
  • Has a 22.7L (6-gallon) capacity
  • Fill line indicates recommend capacity (7.6L)
  • Built-in pour spout
  • Carry handle, as well as handle underneath for pouring
  • Made in the USA