Roll A Bucket

The Roll A Bucket was designed by a painter to make painting easier. Why lift a heavy paint bucket when you can roll it? The Roll A Bucket is manoeuvred with a paint roller, the same way you would use a mop to steer a mop bucket. The specially designed wheels are designed to roll over tarps. This comes complete with The Roll A Bucket Paint Grid, designed specifically for the Roll A Bucket. The Roll A Bucket Paint Grid is metal zinc plated and has a sturdy design allowing removal of excess paint from the roller sleeve. The Roll A Bucket Paint Grid is also sold separately.


  • Caster wheels allow for easier rolling over tarps
  • Increases productivity by reducing physical strain
  • Sturdy design saves time and money
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes a custom paint grid
  • 22.7L Bucket
  • Recommend using under 7.6L of paint at a time