Roll A Bucket


Roll A Tray Max Liner - 1 Pack

The Roll A Tray Max™ Liners are the perfect addition to your next painting project. Designed specifically for the Roll A Tray Max™, they are guaranteed to have a nice, snug fit. Liners are the best way to save on time as they allow for quick colour change. As well as eliminate the hassle of clean-up. Not only that, but they extend the life of the tray by reducing wear and tear.

These liners share the same great features as the tray, which include a built-in roll-off area to remove excess paint. And the capacity to hold up to 5.6L (1.5-gallons) of paint at a time. Which reduces the need to constantly refill the tray. Made from a recycled polyethylene, you can clean and reuse, or throw away the liners when finished.

Ideal for

  • Use with Roll a Tray Max™ (ZOR100200)


  • Eliminates clean-up
  • Quick and easy colour changes
  • Extends the life of the tray
  • Made from a recycled polyethylene
  • Has a 5.6L (1.5-gallon) capacity
  • Built-in roll-off area
  • Reusable
  • 1 pack