Roof Roller Kit

The Haydn® Roof Roller Kit is great for painting surfaces with corrugated metal such as fences and roofs. The kit includes our 230mm heavy-duty paint tray, as well as a roller sleeve and handle, which are available in two sizes: a 180mm (2-bump) and 230mm (3-bump).

The paint tray is made from polypropylene and has built-in grooves to reduce paint clogging and waste. The tray has a deep well which can hold up to 2L of paint at a time. It also has two compartments to store brushes and tools, keeping them out of the paint. The lightweight roller frame has a smooth rolling 4-wire cage and 6mm chrome-plated shank. This sits on top of a comfortable handle with a threaded end which can be attached to extension poles. The roller sleeve is made from a high-density foam and has been shaped specifically to fit corrugated metal that makes painting corrugated metal effortless. The high-density foam produces an even, matt finish, holds more paint and is shaped specifically for painting corrugated roofs and fences.

Roller sleeves are available in a 180mm (2-bump) and 230mm (3-bump) sleeve.

Kit includes

  • 1 x Corrugated Roof Roller
  • 1 x Light Duty Roller Frame
  • 1 x 230mm Heavy Duty Paint Tray

Ideal for

  • Use on corrugated iron like fences and roofs
  • Water and oil-based paints


  • High-density foam sleeve, holds more paint. Produces a smooth and even finish
  • Economical roof painting option
  • Compartments to store brushes and tools, keeping them out of the paint
  • Lightweight, smooth rolling 4-wire cage
  • 6mm chrome-plated shank
  • Contoured handle with a threaded end that attaches to extension poles
  • 2L paint capacity in the try
  • Built-in grooves to reduce paint clogging