Sample Pot Roller

All in one kit - Suitable for all paint and can be used for detail work and touch up jobs - door frames, window trims, mouldings, crafts and stencilling.


Plastic Paint Tray

75mm Roller Handle

75mm Roller Sleeve

Directions for use:

  • Carefully separate the plastic tray from the cardboard backing
  • Pour half contents of a 250ml sample pot into the tray (half a pot will cover approximately one square metre)
  • Dip the roller into the paint then cover evenly by rolling onto the tray ramp
  • Roll out evenly on the surface to be painted.
  • The best way to see the true colour of a test pot is to roll on two coats, so once dry, apply a second coat.
  • Do not allow paint to dry on roller between coats. Keep roller moist, or wash roller and tray using cleaner recommended for the paint you are using.