Sandpaper Wet and Dry 12pk Mixed Grit

The Haydn® Wet and Dry 12 Pack Mixed Grit will cover all your sanding needs. Suitable for both dry and wet applications, the handy sheets are ideal for sanding flat, curved, and contoured surfaces. Silicon Carbide Waterproof, the sheets are conveniently available in a mix of grades that will help you get any job done. Note the higher the number the finer the grit.

  • Course: For extra rough surfaces
  • Medium: For removing previous coats of paint, smoothing rough edges and shaping metals and plastics
  • Fine: For use after course grade, or for less demanding surfaces that don’t require and initial ‘heavy sanding’

Pack includes

  • 2 x 80 grit
  • 2 x 220 grit
  • 2 x 400 grit
  • 2 x 600 grit
  • 2 x 800 grit
  • 2 x 1000 grit


  • 12 sheets in a pack
  • 6 various grit grades
  • Silicon Carbide Waterproof
  • Sanding sheet size 280mm x 230mm