Sherlock® Roller Frame

The Wooster® Sherlock® is one of the best professional roller frames on the market. It has internal bearings that keep the roller cage spinning smooth and freely. The cage is made from a tough, fibreglass-reinforced nylon. There is also a retaining spring to prevent the roller sleeve from slipping off. As well as enable easy, one-tap removal of the sleeve. It has an 8mm chrome-plated shank, fixed at a 90 degree angle for better control. This sits on a comfortable handle made from polypropylene. It has a threaded end which can be attached to standard extension poles and is also Sherlock GT® compatible.

Ideal for

  • Use with any suitable size roller sleeves 


  • It has internal bearings for smooth rolling
  • Fibreglass-reinforced nylon body and end caps
  • Quick-release retaining spring to prevent the roller from slipping off
  • "Hands free" one-tap removal
  • Chrome-plated 8mm (5/16”) shank fixed at 90° angle
  • Comfort grip
  • Polypropylene handle with reinforced threaded end, compatible with Sherlock GT®
  • Available in sizes 230mm (9”), 270mm(11”) and 355mm(14”)