Sherlock® Wide Boy™ Roller Frame

The Wooster® Sherlock® Wide Boy™ Roller Frame is perfect for heavy-duty paint jobs. It is adjustable and can hold roller sleeves between 305mm and 460mm in length. It has steel wingnuts which adjust the frame width and secure the arms in place. The Wide Boy™ is made of a fibreglass-reinforced nylon body and steel frame arms. All of which is packed into a lightweight and comfortable frame that weighs less than one pound. It has a reinforced threaded end which can be attached to standard extension poles and is Sherlock GT® compatible.

Ideal for

  • Roller sleeves 305mm to 460mm (12” to 18”) in length
  • Roller sleeves that are standard 1 ½” or jumbo 2 ¼” in diameter
  • Use with Wooster® replacement end caps (WOR087 for standard)


  • Heavy-duty, steel frame
  • Adjustable frame, holds 305mm to 460mm (12" to 18") roller sleeves
  • Extra-strength steel wingnut design, ideal for floors and other heavy-duty applications
  • Fibreglass-reinforced nylon body
  • Lightweight, weighs less than one pound for added comfort
  • Reinforced threads, Sherlock GT® compatible