Tipsaver Organiser

The Haydn® Tipsaver™ Organiser holds your tips, housings and filters in an organised, easy to access way — allowing you to clean and re-use all of your spray related equipment, to help increase productivity. All you need to do is submerge the Tipsaver™ in a desired liquid cleaner, and our equipment will be ready every time you need it. Built tough and extremely user friendly, there is no need to back blow tips and scrape paint off housings when the Tipsaver™ is on the job!

Ideal for

  • Storing paint tips, housing and filters


  • Organises and sorts tips, housings and filters
  • Fits 4L paint can
  • Made with a chemical resistant plastic
  • Saves yours hands from solvent exposure
  • Keeps your tips, housings and filters clean
  • Saves you time!