270mm Trade Microfibre Kit

The Haydn® 270mm Trade Microfibre Kit has all the tradesman’s favourites in one handy kit. This kit includes a heavy-duty 270mm roller frame and paint tray, as well as two microfibre roller sleeves. The roller frame has a smooth-rolling 5-wire cage and an 8mm chrome-plated shank. This sits on top of a contoured handle with a threaded end which attaches to extension poles for hard-to-reach areas when painting. The paint tray is suitable for roller sleeves up to 270mm in length and has a 3.78L capacity. It has built-in grooves to remove excess paint and distribute it evenly across the sleeve. As well as two handy compartments to store brushes and tools, keeping them out of the paint. The microfibre roller sleeves have a 9mm nap, which is perfect for semi-rough surfaces. They work well with water and oil-based paints, as well as polyurethane.

Kit includes

  • 2 x 270mm Semi-Rough Microfibre 9mm Roller Sleeves
  • 1 x 270mm Heavy Duty Roller Frame
  • 1 x 270mm Heavy Duty Paint Tray

Ideal for

  • Use on imperfect walls and ceilings, textured plaster, and embossed wallpaper
  • Water and oil-based paints, as well as polyurethane


  • 9mm nap
  • Microfibre, which creates a finish similar to that of a spray
  • 5-wire cage with zinc-plated rods that rolls smoothly
  • 8mm chrome-plated shank
  • Contoured handle with a threaded end that attaches to extension poles
  • Two handy compartments to hold brushes and tools
  • Slot at each end to hold roller frames
  • 78L paint capacity in the tray
  • Built-in grooves to reduce paint clogging