U-CAN Bucket with Handle

WELCOME TO THE EVOLUTION OF THE BUCKET: U-CAN Handle this! Not since the shift from metal to plastic has there been any good reason to replace a utility bucket, much less a safety reason! Well the Mould has been broken with this revolutionary, patented design that integrates a moulded handle into the bottom of the pails. The clever one-piece mould design does not restrict any current uses or create logistical challenges. Adding this game-changing safety and convenience feature makes this bucket the most versatile tool in your arsenal. The U-CAN meets or exceeds every industry standard and can replace every application for a bucket.

Ideal for

  • Food storage, liquids etc
  • Painting jobs


    • Made from superior quality type 2 high density polyethylene which is suitable for storage of food, liquids etc.
    • Still stacks like a traditional bucket
    • Large capacity holds nearly 20 litres
    • Super strong and durable
    • Unlimited uses and oh so ergonomic that you will want several and so will all of your friends, family and co-workers
    • Heavy duty sealable lid with a pourer
    • Complete with super strong lid which incorporates a built-in pourer and a rubber seal for airtight storage.