Uni-Pro Stinger Paint Brush

The Uni-Pro® Stinger® by Haydn® paint brush uses carefully selected fine tip synthetic filament to allow better paint pickup, better coverage, a smooth finish, wear resistance and easy cleaning. It features a durable stainless steel ferrule and soft rubberised painted handle for easy grip and low fatigue. These ergonomic brushes bring exceptional value to the budget conscious weekend renovator. With a variety of sizes and types on offer they suit every application.

Ideal for

  • Exterior and interior use.
  • All paint types
  • Sizes 25mm - 50mm for use on small to medium areas, fine tool work, cutting in around windows, frames, cupboards, drawers, doors and more.
  • Sizes 63mm and 75mm for use on medium to large areas, walls, eaves, decks, fences and more.


  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Durable easy to clean synthetic filament with fine tips
  • Soft rubberised painted handle for superior grip and low fatigue
  • Excellent pick-up of all paint types
  • Available in Flat and Angle Sash Cutter