V-PRO Heavy Duty Protection Board

The Haydn® Heavy Duty Protection Board by V-PRO is a top-level temporary protection product. Perfect for painting, plastering, moving, and building, it offers superior coverage on floors and stairs with ease of installation and removal. The resilient solution is water, oil, moisture, and shock resistant, combining the finest attributes of traditional protective products such as cardboard, film and coverings. Plus, it’s sustainable, crafted from repurposed drink packaging and double-sided polyethylene in the Netherlands. Enjoy the best in floor protection with a more eco-friendly solution.

Ideal for

  • Protecting flooring against painting, plastering, moving and building


  • Easy to roll out, use and remove
  • Heavy duty, two sides of double laminated paper for impact resistance
  • Coated with a polyethylene (PE) layer on both sides
  • Anti-slip surface helps prevent workplace accidents
  • Water, oil, moisture and impact resistant
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Available in sizes 62.5cm x 48m and 125cm x 40m

V-PRO Protection Board is not suitable for newly laid floors such as porous stones, natural stones, clay tiles and concrete.