Wooster Big Ben Tray

The Wooster® Big Ben® Tray is the widest tray from the Wooster® range. It features a generous 530mm (21-inch) wide roll-off area that is ideal for 460mm, 360mm, and 305mm roller sleeves. Alternatively, a mini and 230mm roller can be used at the same time. The roll-off area removes excess paint and distributes it evenly across the sleeve. It has the capacity to hold up to 3.78L (1-gallon) of paint, which saves time by cutting down on refills. Made from a tough, green polypropylene. It is resistant to solvent and paint build-up. It is incredibly sturdy, with a wide and stable base that prevents it from tipping over. There is also a handy edge compartment, which serves as a place to hold brushes and tools, keeping them off the floor and in one place.

Ideal for

  • Roller sleeves up to 460mm (18”) in length


  • Built-in 530mm (21”) roll-off area
  • Holds up to 3.78L (1-gallon) of paint
  • Made from a durable, green polypropylene
  • Resists solvents and paint build-up
  • Wide and stable base
  • Edge compartment for tools and brushes


  • 100mm H x 530mm W X 405mm D (4” H x 21” W x 16” D)