Wooster® Sherlock® Bucket-Tray™

The Wooster® Sherlock® Bucket-Tray™ is the perfect, all-round painting tool. It is a paint tray and bucket hybrid that combines the best of both into one high-quality product. With the depth of a bucket, it can hold up to 3.78L (1-gallon) of paint at a time. In addition to this, it has the width of a tray as well as a roll-off area to evenly distribute and remove excess paint. It is suitable for roller sleeves up to 355mm (14-inches) in length and can be used for a variety of jobs. Made from a tough, green polypropylene. It is resistant to solvent and paint build-up. While sturdy handles on either side of the tray allow for easy transport. Liners can be used for quick colour changes or to remove the hassle of clean-up.

Ideal for

  • Roller sleeves 230mm to 355mm (9” to 14”) in length
  • Use will the Wooster® Sherlock® Bucket-Tray™ Liner (WOBR41514)


  • Paint tray-bucket hybrid
  • High-quality
  • Deep well, holds up to 3.78L (1-gallon) of paint
  • Built-in 355mm (14”) wide roll-off area
  • Made from a durable, green polypropylene
  • Resists solvents and paint build-up
  • Sturdy handles on the side
  • Liners available


  • 180mm H x 455mm W x 360mm D (7” H x 18” W x 14” D)